About the TCPA

The Town and Country Planning Association (TCPA) works to challenge, inspire and support people to create and transform communities so that everyone thrives in socially just, healthy, sustainable and resilient environments. To this end we aim to improve the art and science of planning in the UK and abroad and work to secure fresh perspectives on major issues, including planning policy, housing, regeneration and climate change.

Founded by Sir Ebenezer Howard in 1899 the TCPA’s values are built on a powerful history of utopian and progressive ideas which shaped the Garden City movement and which continue to provide a rich and creative springboard for shaping the future.

Find out more about the TCPA's history and current activities at www.tcpa.org.uk.


About the Archive

The TCPA's acclaimed journal, Town & Country Planning was first published in 1904 as The Garden City and has been published almost continuously since. It provides a unique record of the development of the garden cities movement and the history of planning, both in the UK and abroad. In 2020 the TCPA launched a free digital archive of this unique record, which will provide an invaluable resource for students, academics, practitioners, politicians across the built and natural environment sector, and anyone with an interest in how we might live.

The TCPA is grateful to the Lady Margaret Paterson Osborn Trust for supporting this archive.